Creating a Culture of Accountability

Creating a Culture of Accountability

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Airports are wonderful places to obtain surprised and meet some wonderful people. During couple of occasions, I occur to meet couple of celebrities, politicians, my former colleagues and executives and often I chanced upon couple of those who are associated with me on Social Networking, for example LinkedIn and Facebook. On that day as i was traveling from Pune to Delhi through Spicejet (SG 184), I became of meet Mihir Jaitley – the Chief executive officer of the leading multi-billion USD Automobile Conglomerate. Earlier I’d met Mihir during couple of NHRDN along with other leadership workshops and conclaves. However, getting an opportunity to speak with someone, who’s as influential and effective businessman, as Mihir inside a one-on-one conversation in an airport terminal is an extremely different experience than asking an issue during leadership conclaves. I wasn’t certain basically is going and say, “Hello” to him or simply permit this to chance go. Missing this kind of chance could have been very idiotic on my small part. So, I collected my courage and walked towards him.

“Hello Mister, I’m Sanjeev. I’ve heard you and also met you during couple of leadership conclaves. Last, I heard you had been in NHRDN conclave in Mumbai during 2014”, I stated.

We elevated our arms for any warm handshake.

“Hey, Sanjeev, it’s nice meeting you. How’s it going”, he requested.

“I’m good, Mister. Thanks. It really is nice to determine you here”, I responded.

“Mister, you’ve unique ideas about how exactly HR can lead towards the development of a company. Very unique using their company business leaders”, I ongoing.

“Thanks, Sanjeev. Where do you turn?Inch he enquired.

“Mister, Sometimes as Independent Management Consultant for last 1.five years. I help start-up ventures small , mid-size organizations in establishing HR Processes & Procedures, in addition to helping them enhance the performance of the employees. I additionally help organizations in preparing and grooming their new managers and training leaders for bigger roles. Before, I’ve labored for fifteen years with couple of organizations across India and outdoors asiaInch, I gave thorough reply while extending my card to him.

“That’s spectacular. I love the saying that you simply utilized in your description, “help”. Consultants don’t give free help. You pay lots of moneyInch, he responded having a sarcastic smile on his face, while extending his card.

“Do you consider anything can be achieved to enhance the accountability of managers and leaders within an business set-up? Excuses have you employed anything in individuals lines”, he requested strangely enough.

Once we were discussing, Spicejet staff made a comment for boarding the program.

“Mister, poor accountability isn’t a concern of 1 organization or perhaps an industry. It’s there in most industries. I believe the main issue is avoid managers or leaders however the way accountability continues to be defined. Obviously, it seems as an make an effort to fix the culprit for any failure or crisis instead of giving an empowerment to concerned leaders to locate a solution. With regards to fixing the culprit, many leaders will probably surge them backInch, I gave an empathetic reply.

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