Why O’Dell & Company is your Choice for CPAs

Why O’Dell & Company is your Choice for CPAs

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Any kind of taxpayer can benefit from hiring a tax accountant fort collins. However, before you spend money, follow these tips to protect yourself and find the right tax professional.

Understanding the Reason for Hiring a Tax Accountant

It is important to concentrate on what you need tax accountant to do. Below are a number of situations.

  • You wish to ensure accurate tax returns.
  • Preparing your taxes is stressful, confusing and time-consuming.
  • You have a tax issue like paying off a tax debt, filing back taxes or fighting an IRS audit.
  • You have a very complicated tax situation and you need expert tips and advice.
  • You wish to pay as little taxes as possible.


Choosing an Accountant

Our fort collins cpa has experience dealing with different kinds tax situations. For instance, when you are being audited, you need O’Dell & Company because we have handled an audit before. Here are the reasons why you should consider us for your situation.

  • We don’t make big promises. Our accountants will never promise big refunds or to deduct everything. We only make reasonable and realistic promises that we can truly achieve.
  • Our accountants are certified. Our accountants have passed the CPA exam and are state-licensed. Our accountants specialize in an accounting-specific area and handle tax issues. Also, they can represent you before the IRS in case you are facing an audit or collections.


  • Your choice is sure with us. With O’Dell & Company, it is not possible for you to change accountants later. You can be sure that you hire a tax professional with the ability to help you in dealing with your tax situations. We ensure all the right papers are filed for you and help you cut your tax bill. Also, we provide business consulting services to help you with your daily operations and financial planning.